The Fastest Mercedes  

It is not a secret that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world – again. Singaporeans have penchant for anything expensive and exclusive. There’s exclusive club registrations, premier living and prominent cars. In this case, let us discuss about cars.


Many love Mercedes. The good news is that there is a Mercedes out there that is as fast as a Lamborghini. The model is AMG C 63 S. Of course this sweet-ride is not cheap. The prices are not yet finalized but there are reports that revealed it will be about S$450,000 with COE. This is just a rough estimate – the actual price may be more than the pegged.

Here are some features that we need to know about the fastest Mercedes:


  • Machine: There’s the basic and the hard core machine. If we choose the basic machine, it boasts of 469 bhp and the skill to hit about 100 km/hour in say, 4.1 seconds. The hard core on the other hand boasts of 503 bhp and the skill to hit about 100 km/hour in 4 seconds. This speed is almost as fast as the Gallardo.
  • Electronic suspension: We have to know that the new babe offers three levels of firmness.
  • Engine: The 4.0 litre engine will run and sound smoothly because of its turbochargers.
  • Other features: The interior of the car is guised as a race car with high-octane stuffs. Unlike sports car (that only offers two seats), the new Mercedes can accommodate at least five people.

The new Mercedes is not a sports car but it runs like one. If we have other questions and clarifications, we can always go to dealers and ask personally. We can even test-drive it if we are serious.


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