4 Relationship Matters You Shouldn’t Share on Social Media


We all have that one friend on Facebook who can’t just stop posting cheesy photos (hashtag: #relationshipgoals #feelingblessed) and bragging about their relationship every chance they get.

Although it appears they have the best relationship any person could wish for, sometimes the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on social media at all. However, if the urge of posting relationship photos and stories creeps up on you, just make sure they don’t belong to any of these categories.

Love Spats

Every relationship has its ups and downs. But overcoming those rocky times requires working through them as a couple, and venting out on social media for the whole world to know won’t help. Doing this will only open the door to unsolicited advices from friends and even complete strangers. Also, sharing your love spats might urge those people close to both of you to take sides, which can only make matters worse.

Public Display of Affection

It’s not uncommon for those in relationship to feel bothered over the lack of relationship posts by his or her partner. When they see you posting couple photos on Facebook or Instagram so often, the jealousy may grow in them, and may start questioning themselves why their partner does not post anything about their relationship. On the other hand, you may appear too cheesy that people start to hate you. Either way, it’s best to keep the love between you and your beau. It’s okay to post cute and fun photos, but not all the time.

TMI-Filled Posts

That ‘Can’t wait for you to get home ;)” wall or tagged post is best delivered as text message or Facebook private message. Do not post anything intimate on social media. While your partner may feel excited or flattered to read that double-meaning message, your mother-in-law surely feels less than thrilled to read that.

Passive-Aggressive Comments

Perhaps, you’ve read an article about meddling in-laws, so you shared it with a caption ‘Sounds familiar,’ or maybe you just hate the fact that your SO is still friends with his past lover, so you shoot off passive-aggressive comments about her on Facebook. Resist that urge next time, regardless of how fine-tuned your privacy settings may be. Don’t assume that your in-laws or your boyfriend’s ex won’t be able to see it or know about it. Word spreads like wildfire with friends of friends, and it will only make you look like you’re the villain.

Social media isn’t bad. In fact, it’s a great platform to communicate with the important people in your life. However, when it comes to your relationship, be picky of the things you share. By sharing too much online, you risk damaging the relationship you have.

5 Things You Do on a Daily That Slows Down Your Metabolism


You’ve heard it all before—what you need to do to speed up your metabolism is to eat more fibre-rich foods, drink more water, exercise, yadda yadda yadda. But other than knowing what’s right for your metabolism, you also have to know what’s not right.

There are certainly a lot of other things you might be doing that could be messing up with your body’s digestive functions. Read on to find out which of your daily activities is sabotaging your metabolism—and your weight loss goals.

  1. You Banned the Dairy Products

Calcium deficiency is a common condition, and some evidences show that it slows down the body’s metabolism processes. Treat dairy as your friend, and opt for the low-fat version. Consuming the right amount not only helps your metabolism, but also helps reduce fat absorption.

  1. Eating Too Little

When you skip meals or eat too little, your body is starved of the nutrients it deserves and as a result slows down your metabolism to conserve energy. This switches the body to survival mode and lets fat sleep in your body while accumulating more fat. To correct this, eat often and in moderate amounts, according to your daily energy requirements.

  1. Sitting All Day

Work hours in the office may require long hours of sitting at your desk. While this makes you productive at work, it’s doing the opposite to your metabolism. The quick fix for this: get up, stretch out and walk around for two minutes every hour. It will certainly make a difference, rather than letting hours pass by without some physical action.

  1. Doing Weights Too Fast

You may be sweating a lot for doing more curls with the dumbbells, but take it slow when doing the weights for maximum metabolism effects. Eccentric movements require more muscle work than the act of lifting; and that’s ideal since your body will need to burn more calories in order to repair muscle damage, hence the metabolism boost. If you want to pump up your metabolism for the next 72 hours, focus on slowing down eccentric motions at the gym.

  1. You Only Watch Dramas

Instead of re-watching The Notebook, binge-watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon or search for funny cat videos on YouTube. Scientists say that 10 minutes of good laugh can burn up to 10 calories.

Are you guilty of doing any of these habits? Don’t worry. It’s never too late to start leading a healthier life.

SPF Diet: Foods to Eat to Boost You Skin’s Natural SPF


Did you know that slathering sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays? Something that many of us do not know is that we can naturally boost our skin’s sun protection by simply eating the right food. It is time to get to know more about it, so here are some six foods that can give your skin additional sun protection.


  1. Tomatoes

Eating tomatoes boosts the body’s lycopene, which is an antioxidant and carotenoid that counteracts the free radicals caused by too much sun exposure and minimizes inflammatory response to UV rays by the body. In a study, people who consume five tablespoons of tomato paste everyday for three months experienced 25 percent more protection from sunburn.

  1. Watermelon

Munch on some more melons because like tomatoes, they are also rich in lycopene. As mentioned, they protect the body from free radicals caused by pollution and sun exposure. The additional vitamin C also helps quickly restore any skin redness and damaged skin cells. Be sure to pick up the red variety, though, as yellow watermelons had lesser antioxidant and lycopene content.

  1. Green Tea

Freshly brewed green tea has incredible amounts of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects on the skin. It is rich in catechins, a polyphenol that’s recognized as protective agent against UV radiation. And after steeping, do not throw the tea bag. When applied directly on the skin, the green tea reduces the sunburnt cells after sun exposure.


  1. Red Grapes

Phytonutrients found in grapes helps slow down the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that form in skin cells, which is linked to sun damage and skin cancer. Red grapes also contain proanthocyanidins and polyphenols that inhibit development of skin cancer from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  1. Chocolate

Cocoa beans are naturally rich in flavanols, an antioxidant that helps significantly reduce inflammation and prevents damage to the skin. However, not all chocolates have this healthy benefit. Milk and semi-sweet chocolates—the kind usually found in Kisses—have higher sugar content, thus can trigger inflammation. Choose one with the highest cocoa content; the higher the amount of cocoa, the better its antioxidant quality.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are jam-packed with skin-protecting properties for one obvious reason: they’re colour! Kale, spinach and other dark greens have great amounts of carotenoids that provide the vegetables’ their vibrant colour and protect them from the damaging sun rays. When consumed, your skin gets a good dose of vitamin E, protecting you from UV rays and preventing hyper pigmentation..

Include all these nutritious food into your diet and slather a good amount of SPF every day for a skin that’s healthy inside out.


Simple Food Prep Hacks for Busy Families


Providing healthy meals is the ultimate challenge for busy parents. Your kids are hurrying up to school in the morning, and you and spouse have many demands to fulfil at your workplaces. Family meals can sometimes become hurried affairs, but that doesn’t mean the family should be deprived of nutritious meals. Here are some simple tips to get you eating at home more and order take-outs less.

Positive family preparing lunch together

  1. Prepare Your Fresh Produce ASAP

This might be the last thing you want to do when you get home, but when it comes to time-saving cooking, it’s excellent advice for busy weekdays. Nothing eats up time more than lengthy food preparations and dealing with hungry tots at the same time. After grocery shopping, wash and dry your produce right away and put them on storage. This way, they’re ready to use when you need them.

  1. Keep Ready-to-Eat Snacks Around

If it’s not too much of a hassle, cut up some of your produce into bite-sized pieces after washing them. Store them in an air-tight container and put them in the fridge. This isn’t only a quick and after-school snack, but also doubles as a healthy lunchbox snack for everyone. For a fun and delicious treat, pair your pre-cut fruits with chilled melted chocolate for a kid-friendly snack.

  1. Stock Up on Vegetable Puree and Freeze Them


Purees aren’t just for babies—they’re for adults too. If you have a blender or food processor, just cut up some veggies, add a bit of water and then puree them to a consistency of your liking. Transfer the mixture in an ice cube tray, and then pop them in the freezer. When you make pasta, baked goods, soups or even meatballs, sneak in carrot, broccoli or zucchini puree in the sauces. Your little ones won’t notice it.

  1. Re-Use Leftovers

This is a strategic part of cooking. When planning your meals, try to plan for recipes that can make good leftovers. When you have the right dishes, you can use the leftovers to create new meal—the children won’t even notice! Leftovers can save so much time. If you know how to strategize well, leftovers can be your best friend for your family weekday meals.

  1. Freeze Your Meals

Laksa for dinner? It doesn’t take much time to double or even triple the recipe for more extras you can pop in the freezer. Go for family favourites that can be frozen, and whenever you make one, double the amount and freeze a few. Cookie dough is another great example. You can freeze them in scoops, and then directly pop in the oven.

Meal planning is the ultimate tip to save time on food preparation during busy days. While it can sound intensive, you’ll be amazed how much time, money and effort is saved. No more frequent take-outs or settling for junk foods and feeling guilty afterwards.


6 Daily Habits for a Leaner Tummy


A flat, well-toned tummy is a goal we all want to achieve, but ditching your favourite foods and endless crunches isn’t the right way to do it. A trimmed tummy and sculpted core can be achieved by incorporating small changes, like walking and sitting in proper posture or using the stairs instead of the elevator, into your day-to-day activities. Here, we’ll share to you six simple ways to getting your core into shape.

Test shoot with Rachel Barnes and Cailin Rossen in La Jolla CA

  1. Chest Out, Stomach In

When walking, try to imagine there’s an internal magnet inside you pulling your belly button towards your spine. Practice walking and standing up with your stomach tuck in until it becomes comfortable, and soon this easy ab move will feel natural.

  1. Walk and Talk

Catching up with friends doesn’t always mean binge eating and drinking. Suggest a get-together on the move—because it’s always easier to work-out if you have exercise buddy. You can go together and try a new fitness class, do a yoga class, or if you feel a bit extreme, a short trek would be exciting.

  1. Add Avocado to Your Meals

Avocado is rich in good fatty acids, and just half of this fruit contains 10 grams of monosaturated fat, which prevents blood sugar spikes that signals the body to store more fat. Have one-fourth cup of avocado everyday to ward-off fat naturally.


  1. Get Stone Fruits

According to studies, stone fruits—like peaches, nectarines, and plums—can help ward off belly fat. The tummy-flattening properties of these fruits could be from phenolic compounds that help limit activities of fat genes. Chop one up and toss it to your cereal or salad, or munch on one as your healthy afternoon snack.

  1. Say No to Salty Foods

Salt causes excessive bloating as sodium attracts and retains water. To bust the bloat, avoid junk foods, preserved goods, and processed meats that area loaded with seasonings. These foods are subtle sources of sodium that can lead to bloating.

  1. Clean Your Garden

Aside from growing your own produce, working in your garden can provide many health benefits. Tending to your plants can lead to a leaner tummy because of so many movements, not to mention you also get to work your arms and legs.

Achieving a flatter tummy is going to take some time and work, but the health benefits you’ll reap are totally worth it. Plus, you get to wear all the clothes you like, who wouldn’t want that?


5 Daily Habits That Are Secretly Ruining Your Life


So you have listed down everything you need to do for the week and enrolled yourself for gym membership, which will start tomorrow. You must be well on your way to a better living. You’re going to live a healthy and well-organized life.


Not so fast, though. There are so many things we do on a daily basis that are secretly ruining our life. Here are five daily habits you should stop doing from now on.

  1. Going Straight from Bed to the Shower

Before heading to the shower tomorrow morning do this—face yourself in the mirror and strike a pose. By assuming a positive pose, such as a victory pose, a lovely “selfie” smile, or a pose flexing the muscles, you instantly lift your mood and set yourself positively for the rest of the day. Tell yourself that you can do anything, and you become more enthusiastic to take on the day.

  1. Washing Your Hair Everyday

If your hair is manageable and looks fine, leave it as it is. Washing your hair every day does ensure it’s always clean, but it strips the hair off of its essential oils. And oils that are called ‘essential’ must be the oils you want to keep. Besides, day-old hair looks and style much better than freshly-washed locks.

  1. Using Your Phone Before Going to Sleep

Whether you’re playing Candy Crush, answering e-mails, or checking your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, staring at the bright screen of your phone before dozing off stimulates the brain, making it harder for your body to sense that it’s time to sleep. If you want to enhance the quality of your sleep, meditate or listen to relaxing music instead.


  1. Always Checking Your E-Mail

Checking your e-mail every time a new mail comes in only takes away your focus from your current task. This can ruin your productivity as you need to keep on shifting your mental focus from your e-mail to your tasks multiple times a day. The best thing you can do is to designate two to three times a day to check on your e-mail and reply to messages. And for the time in between, close your e-mail completely so you won’t be interrupted.

  1. Eating Late or Skipping Meals

You need food and water to survive. That’s a fact. If you’re not having your meals on time, you’re not only causing harm to your health, but to your productivity as well. Don’t skip meals or eat out late in lieu of working and make sure to take full breaks. While you’re at it, stay away from your workplace and eat your lunch somewhere you can relax and just enjoy your food.

With the demands of our day-to-day lives, prioritizing our health and well-being can easily get out of hand. However, it pays to be mindful with our everyday activities and life choices to ensure better quality of life.


Predicting the Future of SEO Services


SEO is a constantly evolving scheme due to technological changes such as the rise of mobile devices. SEO services need to be updated with the latest trends or you may risk falling behind. The main difference now is that SEO is changing based on how people search the Internet while before, website SEO services changed mostly based on updates from the search engines themselves. But the same truth still remains – you need to stick with the trend, not to fight it. Here are some of the trends that are currently rising and which you need to take note of.

SEO Perfect Company

  1. Mobile marketing will become more popular

Smartphones and tablets are slowly replacing traditional desktops and laptops. You may notice that most teenagers and young adults use smartphones now. But they don’t just use those devices for Facebook. They also use them to search through the Internet. Making your site mobile-friendly can increase traffic among these young users.

  1. Social media will continue to evolve

Social media sites like Facebook used to be just areas where you can chat with old friends. But people are now using social media for a lot of things such as shopping, looking for information, job hunting, recruiting, among others. Website SEO services will still be in use for a long time but you’ll need social media presence too. This means creating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. You can link these accounts back to your main site. By having social media accounts, you can take advantage of all the users who use social media as their search engine.

Seo Process

  1. Digital assistants will change how people search

Most keywords are based on what people type into search engines. But this may change in the future as programs like Siri and Google Now is slowly becoming popular. When people use these programs to search, they might use different keywords than what they use to type. This can make targeting long-tail keywords more complex than they used to be.

  1. Aggregate content will become more common

Aggregate content simply means that people are now using just one source to find a lot of information. An example of this is the social media trend discussed above where people use Facebook for a whole lot of things. Another example is the use of Google Maps to search for locations. It would be a big advantage for your business to be mentioned in such sites.

  1. The rise of local SEOs

Local SEO has been growing for years and will continue to grow well into the future. This is good for small businesses who have only a few stores within a certain area. Small business SEO services will allow you to compete against more established global brands. To take advantage of this, you’ll need to let the search engines like Google know your business address and company information.

While these may be the growing trends now, no one knows if and how long they’ll continue into the future. New technologies may affect future SEO services. It’s also helpful to be aware of any changes in Google’s algorithms. Google’s pigeon update for instance, allowed small business SEO services to prosper thanks to an increased focus on local businesses. As long as you keep track of the latest trends, you’ll be one step ahead of your competition.

Bar chart business growth

Using a Tracking Software to Increase Work Productivity


With the help of an employee training tracking software, companies will be able to monitor their employees more effectively. If you’re pushing for business growth amidst the unpredictable market, you have all the more reasons to explore using a training program software rather than letting go of the option altogether. Gone are the days when basic skills like reading and writing are enough to ensure that employees would be able to contribute to the success of the company.


If you want to be able to keep up with the demands in the industry, you need your employees to be very well equipped with a multitude of skills. You need your team equipped with the knowledge and tools they need so they can respond to the rapid changes in the market.

Why Provide Training Programs

With an effective employee training tracking software, you also increase the number of highly-experienced employees in the team. When someone from the senior team leaves unexpectedly, you wouldn’t have issues finding a replacement. You then need to ensure that the training includes developing leadership skills and effective people management among others. Also, when employees are equipped with a diverse set of skills, they will be able to bring more to the table.

Streamlining + Strengthening

Through training, you can as well help your business retain employees. Employees are less likely to search for a greener pasture if they see growth or next-level opportunities ahead of them in the company they’re currently in. Your employees will also appreciate you better for helping them grow their skill set. If you wouldn’t do this for them, chances are your competitors might offer it to your top employees. You don’t want to lose valuable members of the company.


Challenges in Implementation

While trainings are beneficial, you still need to plan your program carefully. Employees cannot always take the entire day off all at the same time because you still need the operations running smoothly. Training content needs to be targeted and more concise. You also need to consider that people have various learning styles. Catering to these differences should be among your utmost concerns when implementing your training program.

Advantages of Tracking Software

Organizing a training program can be a daunting task for your employees especially that they also have a lot on their plate. With the help of an employee training tracking software, you can help everyone perform their jobs effectively while at the same time being able to participate in trainings. There are learning platforms from companies Deskera Singapore, for instance, that integrates data and analytics on their learning platform, allowing you to see user progress. You can see easily which employees are performing and which ones are lagging.

A tracking software makes implementing training programs less overwhelming. Go see it yourself. Make sure to take advantage of the demos provided to you.


Reasons to Hire an IT Services Provider

Whether your company is large or small, it is always beneficial to outsource your IT personnel. All businesses are constantly looking for ways to do more for less. Cross-training employees to do multiple duties at once, reduction in the number of staff and increased over time become normal in the world of business, especially small and medium enterprises. While this reduces company expenses, unfortunately, it can lead also lead to poor performance and lack of attention on more important matters.


Among the areas of many businesses that are often overlooked is the IT department. When the salary of an in-house IT personnel—plus employee benefits and legal contributions—are factored into the business expenses, having your own IT staff easily becomes a financial burden to the business.

Fortunately, there’s a way for you to still ensure effective management of your business’ IT infrastructure without enduring the expenses that come along with in-house IT—by outsourcing your IT management. Aside from financial benefits, there are few more reasons to hire an IT services provider as your business’ tech support team.

1. Customized Tech Services

Every business is unique, so tech support in every company inevitably varies. When working with a tech services provider, they have the experience, expertise and flexibility to create a package that meets you business’ unique requirements—whether you need round the clock support, third party software, remote installations and management or regular security reports.

2. Predictable Expenditure

Most IT services in Singapore offer flat-rate packages and services, meaning you can easily plan for your company’s future expenses. With all-inclusive plans and transparent pricing, it’s much easier to add your tech support to your monthly budget, without worrying about unexpected costs and fluctuating fees.

3. Better Security

It is not impossible that the employees themselves are the unsecured passages through which malicious programs gain entry into your business network. Most employees, especially the non-tech-savvy ones, do not exercise caution when opening attachments in emails, navigating to websites and clicking links in social media sites. Having a specialized IT force whereby you can consult Dynatech Networks in IT services in Singapore is therefore a necessity to ensure your technical infrastructure is protected at all times. Your IT services company will protect your company with back-up and recovery plans that will ensure the safety of your business’ critical data.

4. Time-Efficient

Time is the most precious commodity every business has. It should be spent wisely to be able to handle every issue that’s inevitably going to arise. Is training random employees with complex IT duties really the best thing to do with your precious time? In most cases, you can do much more things for your business during work hours. When it comes to outsourced tech services, Singapore has a lot to offer to help you gain back hours of your day that was otherwise spent unproductively.

5. Cost-Effective

Tech support firms in Singapore are fully equipped with the right resources needed to effectively monitor and manage a business’s infrastructure, server and software needs. Of course, although some companies may be equipped with the aforementioned requirements, many cannot handle tech issues at the same level as specialized IT support companies. An IT company has the visibility to provide efficient management to any tech systems. This level of visibility will enable your business to respond quickly to issues and prevent future system failures without the need of trial-and-error process, which will save you more time and, especially, money.


6. Professional Personnel Resources

Hiring and keeping a well-skilled IT employee may be challenging, especially since the best IT men are drawn to jobs involving critical duties and strategies. A specialized IT company is capable of providing this rigid experience for professional IT personnel. When you hire an IT services company as your partner, your sure you have the best professional staff working for your business.

7. Better Chances for Expansion

By hiring an IT support company, you give your business better opportunity for growth. You are not confined to the internal IT team’s limited knowledge, resources and abilities; you have the capabilities of a larger team of experts. This means that when your business starts to grow, you can easily adjust to the demands without over-working and overloading yourself.

8. Specialized Field

IT services companies exist for one reason: to provide IT services. While having a successful fast food chain is nothing to be ashamed of, your employees will most likely not have the right skills and experiences to handle your IT department. Therefore, training for something that’s out of their forte is punishing for an average employee. IT services company hire specifically for tech support, so you’re guaranteed to receive the best services with them.

9. They See the Bigger Picture

Often called into an organization to help with technical problems, many service companies advise beyond tech implementation and help with more critical issues that are easier to recognize from outside the organization. Tech experts will look through the processes of planning, execution and post-execution, and help you come up with solutions that perhaps you had not yet considered. Looking at the bigger picture—organization-wide or technology-wide—is often easier when you have an expert looking from the outside.

Whether you hire one service provider for all your tech needs or several firms to handle different fields of concerns, the bottom line is that your business will benefit immensely from the experience and expertise of outsourced IT services. Start searching for a tech services provider, and see for yourself how it will turn your business into a more productive organization.


How to Keep Your Information Safe in the Internet

In this time and age, it’s almost unavoidable to give our personal information on certain websites. Sadly, that information won’t be always safe and criminals could easily access any personal knowledge about you. To help you avoid that, we’ve listed down some tips on how a busy person like you could protect your data over wireless channels.


  1. Exercise Caution When Using Social Media

Although social networking sites might seem like a safe place to share more intimate details about your life, you should still be vigilant about what you post on these networks. Even a seemingly harmless detail, such as your address or birthday, can be used by criminals for some dangerous applications.

To avoid this, simply personalize the security settings of your social media accounts. If you share a personally identifiable information (PII), make sure that the individuals who will see it are those that you trust.

  1. Minimize Purchasing Stuff Online

When making purchases online, make sure that the site you’re entering your credit card information into is a secure one. Its URL should start with ‘https’ and not just ‘http’. Also, avoid making purchases in an unsecured network and remember to logout your customer account when you’re using public devices.

  1. Back-Up Important Files in Cloud

Having a back-up of your important files on cloud is crucial if ever your devices are stolen. Cloud computing became more secure in the past years, as large technology firms like Microsoft and Amazon took control of the market. Even some hospitals and healthcare centres in Singapore have started using cloud for easy access to files, data storage and to protect confidential documents.


  1. Factory Reset Your Devices

Simply deleting an information from your phone or computer won’t permanently remove it from the device. So before throwing or selling an old device, make sure that its drives are fully wiped and that it’s given a factory reset.

Skipping this step will give the next owner an access to the most secured information on your device, even the filed that you thought were deleted.

  1. Turn Off Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Not in Use

Make sure that the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities of your device disabled when not in use. Not taking this precaution allows other devices in the vicinity to get information from your device – including access to open file sharing networks. This is the reason why your network sharing settings should be set to ‘only share files with trusted devices’.

It’s never too early or too late to protect yourself online. So remember these tips, as well as the smallest details you post online that criminals can use to steal your identity or worse.