Gift Ideas for Gaming Fanatics

Video games are the best gift option for people who are into video gaming. The problem starts to arise when folks who are not into computer and video gaming start looking for gifts for their gamer friends. Video games are not only the gift you can offer for gamers. Try to observe the system used in playing, details and accessories. By this, you will get an idea what gift to have for your favourite gamer.

Memory Sticks and memory cards

If your gamer friend uses older versions of gaming consoles like Game Cube, Playstation II or DreamCast, they may need memory sticks where they can save their games. Memory cards and memory sticks are not anymore as prevalent as before, so most probably you can get one on a cheaper price.

Video Game Chairs

When your gamer friend is in the midst of hunting for treasures, evading the cops, or fighting zombies, the last thing he would consider is his posture. Good thing several inventive companies come up with video gaming chairs that let you play and squat for longer hours without experiencing sore muscles and back pains. These are excellent alternatives to hard floors and bean bags.


Wireless controllers and controllers with vibrating features are nice perks when playing video games. And also, more controllers mean more friends can join the fun. Your friend will surely love company in playing his favourite video game.

Video Game Tapes

If you want to give video game tapes as gifts, check first the game rating to know whether it is appropriate to the recipient or not. Here are the rating definitions you should look for.

  • RP = Rating Pending
  • AO = Adults Only
  • M = Mature
  • EC = Early Childhood
  • E 10+, T = Teen
  • E = Everyone