How to Spend Family Days

The family is the nucleus of the society. It is very important that it needs to be protected and preserved all the time. Governments give emphasis to family relationships. If you may notice, there is a section dedicated for upholding and preserving the family in any constitution. The family is a crucial part in national development. In line with this, Singapore recently celebrated National Family Day.

It was held at the Universal Students last April 28, 2013. Reports said that more than 8000 residents joined this activity. Families should keep on having “family days” instead of waiting for the government to promote or organize it. Spending time with the family is the greatest gift you can give for your kids or your parents. There are many places in Singapore that you can consider if you just give time. Here’s a list:

Changi Beach Park

If you want to bring your family to feel the sand and the breeze, take them to the suburban Changi Beach Park. You will enjoy the beach, the sand and the sun. There are jogging paths, barbeque stands, camping sites, cycling paths, fishing, etc. that the family can use.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

The best view is the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. Your family will enjoy the view especially at night. If you want to try their infinity swimming pool, you can check in at their hotel. Adults will pay S$20 and S$14 for children.

Fort Canning Park


Fort Canning Park is open all the time and it requires no admission charges. The family can enjoy the stroll and the sight. If there are events like musical shows, you can bring your family and enjoy live music.

Forest Adventure

Adults and children will enjoy the courses and the obstacles in Forest Adventure. Family package costs S$150.

Visiting SDC

If you want to take part in the history of Singapore, you should visit SDC (Singapore Discovery Centre). It is one of a kind because of its exhibits. It functions as a museum, art gallery and science centre. The SDC hopes to inspire and encourage Singaporeans to contribute to the country’s future. Here’s what you need to know about the centre:


SDC mainly features the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). There are number of galleries that present past, present and future weapons along with equipments, interactive storytelling, shooting gallery, outdoor playground, air craft displays and mini theatres.

Getting there

The Singapore Discovery Centre is located at 510 Upper Jurong Road. You can take a taxi, car, MRT or bus. There is no parking fee. For vehicles, you need to exit 40 from PIE or exit 20 from AYE. If you decide to take the train, stop at Joo Koon MRT station and walk from there. If you want to ride the bus, look for SBS service 182 or 193 from Boon Lay Interchange.

Admission charges

Admission charges vary depending on your chosen package. There are at least four packages that you can choose. For SDC admission, adults will $10. For children, it would be $6. If you want to bring your family with you, you can get a ticket for $28 (2 adults and 2 children). There is SDC admission + ARMS ($13 for adults, $7 for children and $32 for family), SDC admission plus ($15 for adults, $10 for children and $45 for family) and SDC admission plus + ARMS ($18 for adults, $11 for children and $49 for family).

Operating hours

They are open from 9am to 6pm every Tuesdays until Sundays. Never go there on Mondays because they are closed except during school and public holidays.

You can check their website for more information.

World’s Tallest Ferris Wheels

Ferris wheels can also be called observation wheel or big wheel. Ferris wheels are famous carnival attractions but today, it has become an infrastructure or a symbol for a country. The taller the Ferris wheel, the more popular a country is. Many countries construct Ferris wheels with the hope of surpassing the current world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

The idea of Ferris wheel was spearheaded by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. It was created as a milestone for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago last 1893. The first Ferris wheel was originally intended to rival if not surpass Gustave Eiffel’s tower. Do you want to know the world’s tallest Ferris wheels? Here’s a glimpse in chronological order:

Original Ferris wheel

The first Ferris wheel was 80.4 meters built for the Exposition in Chicago last 1893. It was demolished last 1906.

Great wheel

This Ferris wheel was made for the Empire of India last 1895. It was 94 meters but then it was demolished in 1907.

Grande Roue de Paris

This Ferris wheel was built for the world fair in Paris last 1990. Though it was demolished, the fact remains that the height (100 meters) was not exceeded until almost 90 years following its construction.

Cosmo Clock 21

This Ferris wheel is part of the 1989 exposition at Yokohama, Japan. It was originally about 107.5 meters but later on dismantled and moved to a taller base which increased its height to 112.5 meters.

Tempozan Ferris wheel

Tempozan is in Japan. It opened last 1999 and stands about 112.5 meters tall.


Daikanransha is another wheel from Japan. It was completed last 2009. It stands about 115 meters tall.

London Eye

It was opened last 2000 and is currently the tallest wheel in Europe. It stands about 135 meters tall.

Star of Nanchang

Star of Nanchang is China’s Ferris wheel. It was completed last 2006 and stands about 160 meters tall.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer holds the record for the world’s tallest Ferris wheels. It was completed last 2008. It is 165 meters tall.

Gear-up For a Football Game

Since football is one of the popular sports in Singapore, children tend to be easily influenced by their favourite football player and are inspired to play the game as well. Keep the children safe from all the physical wars of the game may induce by gearing them up with the right football gears.

Cleats – Despite of what position you’re playing in the team, you’ll need to wear a pair of cleats. Cleats are special type of shoes that has spikes beneath them to prevent the player from slipping and falling. Cleats help limit the pain you’ll feel in your feet and prevent unnecessary injuries from happening.

Shin Guards – This is the most important football gear every player should have. Shin guards are used to protect the shins from getting hit with a ball, or a foot. With shin guards, you won’t feel much impact and pain from any object that hits your shin area.

Football Socks – Football socks are usually knee-high socks to hold the shin guards in place. Keep in mind that socks are worn over the shin guards. This will help to further stabilize the shin guards aside from its in-built Velcro straps.

Uniforms – Uniforms help distinguish what team you’re in. Football uniforms are basically made up of shirt and shorts and typically provided by the team’s authorities.

Goalkeeper Gear – A football goalkeeper has the same gears, with few differences to accommodate its special task in the team.

  • They wear pants with padded hips to prevent injuries from several times of diving.
  • They wear goalkeeper gloves to give better grip on the ball.
  • They wear paddings on elbows to lessen impact when they land.

Shopping in Mustafa Centre

Who’s up for 24-hour bargain hunting?

Mustafa Centre, set in Singapore’s Little India district, is a budget shopping centre that operates round-the-clock. Who says you can’t shop at the wee hours of the morning while some parts of the world are in a deep slumber?

This 24-hour shopping centre is one of the most popular and sought-after places of interest by Singaporeans and foreigners alike, not only because the prices of commodities here are way cheaper than in other shopping malls but also everything you are looking for is under one roof.

Mustafa Centre is described as an “organized chaos” any shopaholic will love. Here you can find home appliances, clothes, jewelleries, gizmos, computers, grocery items, and more. Indeed, the list goes on for what Mustafa has to offer. If you are looking for something and hope to buy it at a very good price, this is just the place for you.

Travellers will also love it in Mustafa as it offers air ticketing service to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, as well as Europe and the United States. Other services include visa processing, travel insurance, and foreign exchange.

If you want to get the best deals here, you need to have plenty of time to shop. It takes time to look for the items in the shelves, not to mention the crowd of shopaholics around. Try not to go there on a Sunday or public holiday as it can be a nightmarish shopping experience for you. Also for the backpackers, if you wish you can leave your bags in a temporary storage counter for more comfortable and convenient shopping.

Moreover, you might be lucky to see Bollywood celebrities if you shop in Mustafa from 2-4 o’clock in the morning.

Car Care 101

Vehicles today are much more sophisticated and complex than the cars from ‘70s and ‘80s, more computer electronics, upgraded engines, and silicon chips. However, though they vary in parts, they still need the same basic car care to help extend life and durability. Here are a few simple steps in addressing your car’s needs.

Regular Check-up

Basic car care starts with taking a look at every part of the vehicle. It includes:

  • the tires, check if properly inflated
  • leaking fluids under the vehicle, including brake and power fluid, oil, transmission fluid and others
  • vehicle exhaust smoke, aside from the usual start up fumes and diesel emission
  • fluid warning lights and engine fluid, which should be addressed immediately before driving

Under the Hood

Under the hood maintenance does not require full mechanic skills. You just have to check and monitor the parts once in a while to avoid major repairs and alterations that only mechanics can do. Pay attention to special parts like the level of engine oil and its cleanliness, coolant level, power and brake fluid levels, transmission fluid, and the batteries.

Changing Oil

One of the major things to consider in car maintenance is the regular change of oil and oil filter. Professional mechanics highly recommend oil change every 3,000 miles, but you can still safely drive further. But keep in mind that it should not be beyond 5,000 miles before changing the vehicle’s oil and filter.


Consider other components of your car that may also need infrequent replacement like:

  • air filter
  • cables and spark plugs
  • turn signals, brake lamps and headlight
  • windshield wipers
  • engine timing belt

Though they’re rarely replaced, they still need regular check-up to ensure the vehicle’s good working condition.

Keep Your Garden Frugal

There are so many ways you can do to keep your garden green and lush without spending much on plants and labour. Just be resourceful and patient in handling your gardening needs and for sure you’ll have the perfect yard sooner than you expected. Here a few ways in keeping your garden beautiful and frugal.

Make a Compost Pit

Composting is an effective solution for turning wastes and kitchen garbage into healthy soil. Compost pits help improve the quality of the soil without investing on expensive fertilizers. Pile all your yard wastes and kitchen scraps into the hole and mix them evenly. Cover with soil afterwards.

Start Planting Seeds

Many people would like to plant semi-established shrubberies, which could be a bit costly. If you want to go cheap and wise, planting a seed could be your best choice. Spare some time and let it grow in your garden on its natural way. If waiting for years to see a sprout is not a good idea for you, there are so many choices of annual plants you can always opt to.

Never Pay for Planting Services

When buying trees, some nurseries will offer planting services for an extra fee. Yes, this could be convenient for you, but not necessary. Spare a little of your time in researching the best way to plant your new specimen. And don’t forget the root span measurement of the plant. You should be able to anticipate it before burying it to the ground.

Swap Seeds and Plants

Most probably, your plants will create more seeds than you need, or maybe you just bought more than enough. Why not swap the excess to your friends who have the same gardening interest? It’s a great way of expanding your garden without spending much.

Gift Ideas for Gaming Fanatics

Video games are the best gift option for people who are into video gaming. The problem starts to arise when folks who are not into computer and video gaming start looking for gifts for their gamer friends. Video games are not only the gift you can offer for gamers. Try to observe the system used in playing, details and accessories. By this, you will get an idea what gift to have for your favourite gamer.

Memory Sticks and memory cards

If your gamer friend uses older versions of gaming consoles like Game Cube, Playstation II or DreamCast, they may need memory sticks where they can save their games. Memory cards and memory sticks are not anymore as prevalent as before, so most probably you can get one on a cheaper price.

Video Game Chairs

When your gamer friend is in the midst of hunting for treasures, evading the cops, or fighting zombies, the last thing he would consider is his posture. Good thing several inventive companies come up with video gaming chairs that let you play and squat for longer hours without experiencing sore muscles and back pains. These are excellent alternatives to hard floors and bean bags.


Wireless controllers and controllers with vibrating features are nice perks when playing video games. And also, more controllers mean more friends can join the fun. Your friend will surely love company in playing his favourite video game.

Video Game Tapes

If you want to give video game tapes as gifts, check first the game rating to know whether it is appropriate to the recipient or not. Here are the rating definitions you should look for.

  • RP = Rating Pending
  • AO = Adults Only
  • M = Mature
  • EC = Early Childhood
  • E 10+, T = Teen
  • E = Everyone