Finding the Top Web Developers

In today’s modern era, there are an immense number of businessmen who have ventured into on-line marketing. In fact, social media made it more advantageous for entrepreneurs to market their products and services. However, what concerns business owners is the insufficiency of business websites. Searching for the right web developer can sometimes be exhausting and is often difficult. Web developers must have an excellent knowledge about his tasks.


You need to identify the good web development professional. There are several tips to observe on how to choose a good web expert. Typically, they are hard to find but if you will exert effort, you’ll find one. By following the advices below, you can assure a quality website.


  1. Search locally. Sometimes, it’s in your own backyard. When you will have a project that is so important, you can directly contact him and discuss the things the needs to be discussed.
  2. Know what your needs are. Once you have listed your needs, that will be the time you look for a good web developer. When you have the similar idea with your potential web developer, you will achieve fast results.
  3. Research for your website. You don’t need to select the top web developers in the world. All you need to do is find a website professional that will make your site visible or maybe maintain a top slot to different search engines.
  4. Ask for recommendations from any of your closest relatives or friends. On-line business is very risky. Thus, you need to guarantee that a web developer you want to hire has been recommended by someone that you know. Through this, you can avoid market failure due to ineffective design of your website.

Always remember these tips when you are looking for website experts. These guidelines will help your on-line business be successful.


Fixing Your Own Plumbing System

Actually, by fixing your leaking pipes, you can save more or less 10 percent in your water bills. When you suspect a leak in your plumbing system, better confirm it because sometimes, it is just a water build-up due to the damp environment. But, if you are sure that it is leaking, turn off our water system, detect the leak, clean it and then, mark it. To fix it yourself, you can follow the steps below:


  • Pipes – Sometimes the cause of leaky pipes is rust. Indeed, pipes will last for a long time but it does not mean that it shouldn’t be maintained so it doesn’t get rust. To fix this kind of problem, you need to replace the pipe that is affected.
  • Joints – The joints are the most common part where the leak occurs. This is due to the improper fastening of the joints to the pipes. In this case, you can just tighten it using the different plumbing tools. If it doesn’t work, call some professionals who can do the job for you.


It is really true that changing the pipes, valves, joints and other parts of the entire plumbing system is very costly. Hence, making us come up with a decision to not install new equipment for the plumbing system. But in reality, changing the entire system is more efficient than patching the pipes or perhaps the joints, especially when it served you for a long time. Since checking the system takes time and requires cash and exceptional knowledge, you will need to collaborate with some plumbers who are keen and qualified to do the work.



What You Need to Know about WSH

If you are an employer here in Singapore, you should be familiar with the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH). On January 6, 2014, a change was announced to the public. Under the amended WSH, the employers now need to report to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) if they have injured workers with more than 3 days of medical leave (whether the days are consecutive or not). If you remember, the previous rule states that you only need to report if the injured worker has more than 3 consecutive days of medical leave.


MOM received a report that there are employers who evade WSH reporting requirements. The employers are now are very quick and clever that they break up the medical leave of their injured workers so it will not be reported to MOM. Here are other things that you need to know about the amended WSH:



MOM is very serious when it comes to reporting and recording of WSH accidents. In order to paint the precise picture, MOM’s database should speak the right figure. This is to properly enforce and impose actions. The practice of employers not to report injured workers will make things unclear. Apart from this, MOM only wants to improve the workplace and encourage safety.

Other Changes

Apart from reporting to MOM when an injured worker sustained 3 days of medical leave (irrespective if they are consecutive or not), there is another change that is incorporated in the amendment. Employers with workers involved in traffic accidents (as long as it is work-related) are obliged to report the accident to the Commissioner for WSH. This action will highlight the duty of the employer under WSH act.


The practice of employers not to report injured workers should be reprimanded. Their evasion of rules will mean penalties.  Any employer who unsuccessfully reports an incident will be fined. If it is your first offence, you will pay up to S$5,000. For the succeeding offences, you will pay up to S$10,000 and/or 6 months in jail. To be safe, you only need to do one thing – practice what MOM is recommending and you will be fine.

As an employer, you are responsible for the welfare of your workers. No amount can compensate when your workers encounter and endure accidents and injuries. The least thing that you can do is protect them when they need it the most. If you have more questions and inquiries, you can send an email at


Singapore Sustainable Blueprint

In 2009, Singapore Sustainable Blueprint was launched. The blueprint outlines policies and strategies to accomplish economic growth at the same time provide a good living environment for all people. The good news is that this year, the government will revisit and review how it takes care of the environment. This was discussed at 2014 Singapore Sustainability Symposium which was prepared by the NTU’s Sustainable Earth Office.


The Minister for Environment and Water Resources gave the Opening Ceremony on January 8, 2014. He announced that the review will commence on February or March. The public can take part in the discussions. The changing of environment-related strategies is the reason for the review. The findings of the public consultation will be used to revise the blueprint by the end of next year.

What is sustainable development for Singapore? Sustainable development means being efficient, clean and green. Singapore is thinking of ways to develop using less wastes and resources. While we do this, it is expected that we do not pollute our environment that way we can preserve our greenery, natural heritage and the waterways.

The blueprint’s vision is to create a liveable city that is well loved by the citizens, workers and the visitors. To realize this vision, the blueprint noted 4 priorities to include:


1. Improving resource efficiency. Singapore is a small country with limited or scarce resources. The Blueprint seeks to improve resource efficiency so we can develop and live with few resources. The government is thinking about achieving more for less. In the long run, Singapore will arise.

2. Encouraging participation and community ownership. To build a resource efficient country, the Blueprint is encouraging participation and community ownership. The participation should involve NGOs (Non-government Organizations), businessmen and public leaders. All should work together to achieve the goals of the Blueprint.

3. Improving the environment’s quality. It is important that all people here in Singapore continue to enjoy a clean water and air. With this, the blueprint prioritizes controlling of pollution by improving the physical setting. Apart from this, the blueprint is also determined to create a comprehensive city with high regards on public health.

4. Building knowledge. The Blueprint seeks to accumulate more knowledge in the field of environment and technology. Singapore is very particular about Research and Development. As this field progresses, the government need to work with others to build a better and brighter world.

You should do your part to help Singapore. You can begin by spreading awareness to others or you can join the public consultations set in the coming months.


Couples Watching Movies Together Lessen Separation Possibility

Movies are considered to be one form of entertainment. But according to a study conducted by the University of Rochester, United States, the so-called chick flick movies like The Notebook and Endearment, could strengthen relationships. Romantic movies are mostly appreciated by women and which make men bored. According to the study, the movies Love Story and Steel Magnolias could lessen the couples who are trying to have divorce or separation.


Topics and issues in these films help couples to stay together and keep their relationship. These kinds of movies contribute counseling methods through its story. It could help couples who are not open or are hesitant to join counseling sessions or people who does not have enough time to go to a therapist or counselor. Dr. Ronald Rogge an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester said that movies are easy to start a conversation with; it is non-threatening.


“It’s really exciting because it reaches out couples easily and help strengthen their relationship,” he added. The study aims to study two kinds of therapist-led activity called PREP and CARE. The PREP centers on how couples communicate to each other in solving their relationship issues. On the other hand, CARE focuses on a man and woman’s cooperation and showing of warmth in their relationship.

The study showed that half number of 174 respondents who had the intervention of counseling through the movie is likely to have no divorce unlike those who are in a control group of counseling and did not get any movie involvement. Movies that might be very helpful for couples are romantic comedy movies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle or simply movies which topics on falling in love.



Dust Mites Responsible for Allergies in Singapore

Singaporean scientists found the offender of runny noses in their houses- dust mites. Singapore Immunology Network (SIGN) and National University of Singapore (NUS) doctors and scientists conducted a research and had proven out that most Singaporeans are allergic to dust mites. In Singapore, there are 15 per cent adults are having asthma and 40 per cent of them are said to have been affected by allergic rhinitis, a form of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.


This kind of allergic reaction leads to runny nose, irritation in the eyes, frequent sneezing. Allergy, a scientific magazine has conducted a survey among Singaporeans. The study showed that a number of 8,000 respondents are majorly allergic to dust mites which have 80 per cent.

The remaining percentage is cause by minor allergens. In addition, people coming from other countries, most especially from areas which are not tropical, are considered not sensitive to dust mites but as they stay long in Singapore, there is an increase of number of people being receptive and allergic in house dust mites.


Malaysian people and others coming from countries having the same type of weather have been seen to have the same allergic reactions with Singaporeans. Researches longed for cures, not just anti-allergy medicines or antihistaminic medications but also the move of the environmentalists to lessen if not to eradicate house dust mites which are affecting people’s health.

Professor Olaf Rotzschke, leader of the study, is proud to say that they have purely identified the grounds of allergies of Singaporeans instead of simply relying and looking on to information and research by other countries. As stated by Professor Wang De Yun, research associate from Otolaryngology department of NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, “…knowing the cause is the major step in creating ways to improve the lives of asthma and allergic rhinitis patients.”


A Safe Shooting Spree

Shooting is one sport that is extremely expensive. However, even if it is very costly, the benefits that you can get of having background in shooting is worth the price. Shooting is also a form of self-defense. Sometimes, many people take advantage in their shooting skills. They use it for harassing people; thinking that they are the most powerful person in the world.


In Singapore, one of the latest sports is shooting. However, it is not the usual shooting sport that requires pricey expenses. Due to the advancement of technology and creative minds of people, this whole new sport has been created – Paintball.

Paintball is among the most popular recreational activity in the city. It’s very safe and affordable unlike shooting that needs a killer bullet and a very expensive gear and gun. While in the city, enjoy playing paintball in the biggest paintball place in the country – Red Dynasty Paintball Park. Here, you will have fun because of its unique playing ground and modern equipment used.


In fact, the 20-meter shooting area of Red Dynasty has gain popularity to the locals most especially tourists. The playing site is situated in the Bottle Tree Park at Yishun. The good thing about the place is that it offers discounts such as the Godfather (100 paintballs) and Rambo (250 Paintballs) to large groups.

At the Paintball Park, you will be amused with the new equipment they are using. Indeed! Paintball is a very exciting game and is perfect for institutions, especially for team building.



Beat the Luxurious Buffet with the Effortless Home-style Preparation

As said, nobody is perfect. But when it comes to having the delicious, appetizing, tasty, tempting and mouth-watering dishes at the Coriander Leaf, you can witness the perfection that will guarantee to satisfy your wants.


In the year 2010, it has been recognized as the Best Cooking School in a Singapore awarding body and was hailed as one of the top Asian restaurants back in 2008 and 2009. Not only that, they have maintained a good reputation by holding a 7-year consecutive award as the best restaurant in Singapore.


The restaurant was lead by the culinary expert Samia Ahad’s (a multi-awarded individual in the cooking world). Coriander leaf serves variety of recipes from different countries around the world. Mediterranean, Asian and Middle-eastern cuisines are chef Ahad’s specialty. On the other hand, he doesn’t only cook food for people, he also teaches people about his skills in cooking through making videos and showing it to many.

In addition to chef Ahad’s popularity and prosperity, he made a five-storey business establishment (the Screen Room) that serves as his way of appreciating food and film. Currently, expert chef
Ahad had distributed a lot of international articles and he also released to television shows wherein one of it was aired in the famous Asian Food Channel. To add to his expertise, he wrote some cookbooks which entitled “Simply Samia” – a cookbook full with recipes that can be simple prepared at home. Now, it is of great respect to obey and follow chef Ahad.

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