How to Turn Down Your Appetite

You are on a diet but it is very challenging because you tend to want more. Your appetite dictates your hunger and so you give in. You can give in or you can fight it. The good news is that there are many ways that you can consider to turn down your appetite. You need a lot of self-discipline.


If you are serious about turning down your appetite, you have to consider the following things:

  • Consume fibre more: If you feel hungry, you should bulk up your meals but not just any meal. You have to consider fibre-rich meals. These meals can reduce appetite. So, the next time you are hungry and you are craving for something big, turn to fruits and vegetables rich in fibre.
  • Wash appetite with soup:  Believe it or not, soup can make a difference. Make a soup out of a broth or vegetable. You will notice that you will eat fewer because the soup already occupied most of the space.


  • Eat salad more: If you eat salad more, you will eat few in the actual meal. When you make salad, be wary about the dressing. If you want a healthy salad, make sure that you do not consider high-calories.
  • Eat low-calorie foods: Yes, fibre can turn down your appetite but you must also know that food rich in low-calorie foods can also help with the appetite. You have to consider oranges and grapefruits to stay on course.
  • Slow down: When you are really hungry, you tend to eat fast. You have to eat slow because it takes minutes before your brain gets the message that you are full. If you eat fast, you will tend to consume more before your brain stops you.

Singapore has a lot of things to offer when it comes to gastronomical foods. If you find this difficult, you can seek for help. There are many people here in Singapore who are willing to help and guide you. There’s your nutritionist, parents, family, friends and colleagues.



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