Curtain Cleaning Made Easy: A Brief Guide

In doing household chores, curtain cleaning can turn to be one of the most rigorous process ever. This involves intricate attention when dealing with delicate material, as well as utmost caution in the cleaning process to prevent the drapes from shrinking.

The complexities attached with giving your curtains a wash has prompted a number of people to turn to commercial curtain cleaning services instead. Especially with beginners who do not know a thing about curtain washing, asking a professional to wash their curtains for them is a rather convenient decision to make.

Setting aside how much of a rigorous process cleaning your curtains can get, you can actually wash your drapes yourself. There are things you can do to make the curtain cleaning experience easier. In a broader aspect, these are also ways which can reduce the need for cleaning household materials in general. Following these simple rules not only gives your curtains a proper washing but it also prompts you to wash the material only once in a while; instead of on a regular basis.

How to make curtain cleaning easier?

    • Reduce the absorption of smells. Curtains are notably an easy target for various odors to cling onto. This is the reason why the material reeks, especially after some time of not giving it the proper washing it needs. In order to prevent the material from smelling, it is advised to take some steps with in Singapore in reducing the curtain’s absorption of smells.

    For one, the kitchen door must be kept close when you are cooking. Another way is to smoke outdoors only considering how cigarette smoke can easily cling into the material.

    • Regularly vacuum curtains. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on your curtains. In various cleaning shops which offer curtain dry cleaning, two of the most common dirt on drapes are stain and build-up dust. This means every curtain is vulnerable with dirt.

    In order to keep your curtains clean, a soft brush attachment must be used regularly to remove everyday dust and dirt. Doing so also prevents stains (of all kinds and sizes) from clinging into the material for too long.

    • Give your curtains a good airing. One of the reasons why most curtains in Singapore continue to stink is because they lack a good airing every now and then. It is important to hang the curtains with the windows wide open to let the air breeze refresh the material.

    To be more specific, the curtains must be taken off the rail and instead hang in the breeze for a couple of hours in order to freshen them up completely. This is one common method most curtain cleaning services adapt. Newly cleaned curtains never failed to offer a fresher and brighter home inside and out.


Other tips

    • It is encouraged to measure your curtains first before you begin the washing process. A lot of commercial curtain cleaning shops do this in order to ensure the curtains are in their right shape and size especially when it’s time to stretch them back into shape. Any hooks or weights attached to the material must be removed, and the tapes must also be loosened for them to lie flat.

    • Don’t forget to dust your drapes prior by running them on a dryer set to a no-heat cycle. This is ideally to be done before you give your curtains over for a curtain dry cleaning service (or any other washing method, for that matter). Other alternatives include shaking the material out, laying them out open on a bed, or dusting them with a vacuum brush attachment.

    • Avoid overloading your washing machine if you plan on washing your curtains on your own. Keep in mind that the material becomes much heavier when wet.

    • If you’re handwashing the curtains, avoid rubbing or wringing the fabric as much as possible. Agitate it gently instead. Also, if your curtain is made out of delicate material, do your research and only use appropriate products suited for the material. These products are made available across stores in Singapore for your convenience.

    • Dry curtains over two parallel wire lines so that the wet surfaces don’t touch. Some curtains take a long time to completely dry up, but this tip will save you extended hours of waiting time. Also, don’t let the curtains lay against any wood surface since this could potentially stain the material.

    • Iron the material when damp and don’t forget to gently stretch the seams. This is done to prevent puckering. Ideally, the curtains must be spread on a wide and clean surface (like on your bed, for instance) for you to pull the material to the correct size. If there are some parts of the fabric that has already completely dried, it is better to dampen the curtain once again to prevent water marks on your drapes.

    • Before you rehang the curtains, make sure that the valances fixed on the wall are thoroughly cleaned. You can either vacuum them or wipe them clean. Most of the clean curtains in Singapore easily get stained again when put in place with dirty valances, so you might want to keep them clean this time.

    • One tip to easily rehang your curtains in place is to have one person standing on the ladder to insert the hooks, while another is standing below to ensure the drapes do not drag on the floor. Of course, this is recommended for heavy and huge curtains.


These are some useful tips that can help you make your curtain cleaning experience easier to deal with. Clean curtains are always essential to freshen up your house and protect yourself from dirt and potential lurking viruses. With these tips in mind, giving your curtains a proper washing doesn’t have to equate to a nightmare the next time!