Hair: A Woman’s Crowning Glory


When we hear of crowns, we think of a queen. We do not have a queen here in Singapore but we surely know what a crown looks like and what it stands for. Alternatively, crown also refers to a woman’s hair. The hair itself is our tiara and we do our best to take good care of it. Like the crown, our hair is our glory.


Speaking of hair, there are different hairstyles that we can consider. Gone were the days of plain ponytails and braids. We have now twisted hairstyles that will surely keep our main in superb shape from day till night. We first saw the trend of braided hairs at fashion shows. The models look divine with their hairs. It is not wrong if we decide to have different looks.

So, here are some braided hairstyles that we can consider:

Our crown jewel: To do this, we have to part the hair first at the center and isolate the back and front section. This is the basic braid.  We have to take the left portion of the front section and form the braid which will start from the temple. We can secure this braid using an elastic band. We have to do same on the right side. This basic braid is considered for those who want a clean and neat look. If we do not want to look like a school-girl, we can slightly loosen the braids.


The twisted metal: If we want a twisted metal style, we should first tie the back section of our hair into low ponytail. Before actually braiding it, we have to apply styling mousse. The styling mousse will get our waves to last longer. After applying, we should split the ponytail into two and twist each section before crossing it to the other side. We should do this alternately until we achieve a full rope braid. We should not forget to secure it by using an elastic band.

Our runway remix: If we have a night out after work, we should consider the runway remix style. First, we need to make a rope-braid-ponytail. This will serve as our head band. After that, we remove the elastic bad at the end of our hair and run our fingers through the back to remove the tangles and at the same time to create volume and viola – we have a polished look fit for party.

These braided hairstyles will surely give life to our hairs. We have to remember though that no matter the hairstyle, we have to be confident when we wear it. There are other hairstyles that we can consider, we only need to be open for the possibilities.